Ariff Aizuddin B. Azlan:我們如何找到深刻的書籍?

諸眾之貌 支持諸眾之貌:亞洲社會運動圖像 出版計畫(2017/09/15~12/25 募資中)

受訪人:Ariff Aizuddin B. Azlan, 馬來人(書店隨機採訪的購書人)
訪問者:王岩 甘志雨
So first, you can just introduce yourself, your name, your background…?

First of all, my name is Ariff Aizuddin B. Azlan. And I am a Malay from Malaysia. So for the time being, I am currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Malaya, and I’m majoring in political science. So my focus of specialization is comparative politics where I’ll be doing about parliamentary behavior and parliamentary by elections in this country from 2008 until 2012.
我的名字叫Ariff Aizuddin B. Azlan。我來自馬來西亞,是馬來人。我是馬來西亞大學的博士生,主修政治科學。我的研究方向是比較政治,我將會研究這個國家從2008年到2012年的議會行為和議會選舉。

The second question is about how you know about the bookshop when you come to this bookshop to explore some books of you want, there are so many about left thing?

Ok, first of all, actually, there are a lot of bookshops that we can find in this country. But the problem is how are we going to get a really, really deep, in terms of a reading, especially when it does not involve from what we call it as a lefty’s publication. Because most of books that you can easily find. Those books, most of them are, generally talk about what is exactly the government are doing and so on, and something like that. But the most important thing is that we as a researcher, ok, we need to find something which is far more beyond than that. What I mean is the thing that behind the desk, you know, something that is not easily can be found. So I mean the right thing perhaps the right thing which is concern the lefty thought, lefty movement and something like that. So if you ask me how I found this bookshop, ok, actually I got this place from my friend, a friend of mine. He is the one who introduced me this bookshop. The first thing is, what I did was I went to this bookshop and I found it so exceptive, you know, because I can see and I can read a lot of books which I think I can never be apart from it. Because what I mean is this kind of books is actually a revelation, you know, something ought to try to review to the right thing without being harassed by the authority.

As you are a Malay, do you think the left thought is influencing some Malay people?

Do you mean this lefty thought? (Yes.) Yes, of course, it is. If we deep look back, previously, this country is a totally a political and historically built. Ok. So what I mean is that, this is itself reveals there were a lot of elements that influence the system. Ok. So if ask me whether this kind of lefty thought have influence or not, yes, of course, it has influenced so deeply because we can see a very strong fragmentation. Ok. We found previously the division of political parties and division of ethnics and so on so forth.
你指的是左派的想法?(是的。) 是的,當然有影響。回過頭看,這是一個完全由政治和歷史因素形成的國家。我的意思是,這說明,有很多因素影響了這一體系。你問我這種左派思想是否有影響到馬來人。是的,當然,它有很深刻的影響,因為國家裡有很多持不同觀點的派系,政治黨派、民族黨派,等等。

Would you like share more about the situation of lefty thought in this country right now? Is that easy to talk this in front of the public?

Ok. Honestly speaking, actually we are not allowed to do this kind of this conversation, but, especially in this country, in Malaysia, we have something that authority found quite difficult to catch, because this is totally the age of social media. Ok. Now we have lots of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, ok, and social media, so people they generally they can share what they have in their mind by using this platform. In fact, they treat this kind of platform as part of political platform. So even the nature of the left, lefty’s movement actually it is quite…what I should say is it can be found, but in certain places and certain time. Specifically, what I mean is that this kind of, this left movement, they have been converted into politic parties. If you want to know what kind of political parties, we call it as the opposition. In Malay what we call it is “boom boom gun”. For example, political party like PAS, Pan-Malaysian Islam Party, and Justice Party of Malaysia, BKR, and the Democrat Asian Party, DAP. This is totally not an exactly Chinese political party, but I dominated it by the Chinese. So we still can find this kind of movement nowadays. And specifically it’s quite often, because it has been transmitted throughout the political competition, I mean is elector politics election.
老實說,我們現在這種談話是被禁止的。但是在馬來西亞,政府很難抓到這種事,因為我們處於一個社交媒體時代。現在我們有推特, Instagram, Facebook,還有其他社交網路,人民可以通過網路平臺分享自己的想法。這種平臺促進了政治運動的發展,他們(政府)也將這些平臺當做政治工具的一部分。所以,雖然左派,左派的運動…它雖然還是有可能被發現,但只限於特定地點和時間。尤其是在現今社會,左派運動已經轉變為政治黨派。如果你想知道有哪些政治黨派,在馬來,我們稱他們為反對派,用馬來語說,是“boom boom gun”。比如說PAS,泛馬來西亞伊斯蘭黨,還有馬來西亞人民公正黨,BKR,還有民主亞洲黨,DAP。它不完全是一個中國人的政治黨派,但由中國人主導。現在,我們仍能看到這種運動,而且並不鮮見,因為它已經貫穿在我們的政治競爭過程中了,我的意思是,也就是選舉政治。

Is there any Malaysian lefty parties?

Malaysian lefty parties, yes there is, but it is not so active. But still it competes in election. For example, like BSM, Socialist Party of Malaysia. Yes, we have that kind of party in this country: PSM.
有,但不是很活躍,不過他們仍參選。比如PSM(Parti Sosialis Malaysia),馬來西亞社會主義黨。

Do you think this bookstore has some kind of influence in Malaysian lefty students or thoughts?

Generally, what I can say is yes. Indirectly it has some sort of influence because this kind of bookstore, it offers books which are far more beyond than our rational thought. Ok. Because we don’t need this kind of bookshop. We have been supplemented. We have been fed by the rest of bookshop which influence our mind and thought throughout what we call it as a version. I mean authority version of book. So what I can say is that this kind of bookshop is part of our alternative in this age.

Do you join their activities, they have some activities, like book reading, and do you participate in their activities?

Yes, actually, the latest one was last year. Ok. But from now, I was quite busy, I doing research, you know, doing publishing some sort of articles. But yes, I did join.

Thank you, this it. Thank you very much

Ok. Alright